Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Massive Importer 1.5 Beta version for 3ds Max

Massive Importer 1.5 Beta let you import Massive crowd into 3ds Max. Beta version is limited by 100 agents and automatically imports skeleton, geometry, skin weighting data and textures.

mayhem_agent imported into 3ds Max using Massive Importer Tool Beta 1.5

Key Features:
  • By loading default agent into 3ds max, geometries are automatically hided, default agent is showed as same inside Massive (unhide all to check all default geometries). This let you change the materials properties before import the crowd into 3ds max.
  • By cloning geometry node instead of import from file, the skin weighting data are also cloned which make this version faster than Beta 1.0
New Features:
  • Load Default Agent
  • Clone Geometry Node
  • Import Texture
  • Instance/Copy Material
Full Version Comercial:
  • Geometry cache
  • Unlimited number of agents

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Chris Francis Marabiles said...

nice work man! so wheres the link for Massive Importer tool download!