*The specified module could not be found (MassiveImporterMaya2012x64) 
You may need to Install VC 2010 redist (x64)

*Skeleton Size: Before launching MassiveImporter Tool setup max System Unit.
top menu Customize->Units Setup...

*Texture map rendering problem 3d Max: To fix this save max scene and reload.

*Cannot find procedure "FBXImport" Maya: You must load fbx plug-in through the plug-in manager.

*Import Weight Error when load multi agent which share same geometries file Maya: select all geometries in Geo/geo folder and duplicate. Rename the duplicate files by adding "_m" or another notation without gap and open .mas scene and delete instance (ctrl+d), under body page update all the geo files in one agent and save it.

eg: pants.obj---duplicate and renamed---->pants_m.obj


Ajay said...

How to get the dynamic cloth from massive to maya with your script, because in the girl agent of massive, dynamic cloth is used...Please let me if know if the massive importer tool transfers the cloth into maya...


Domingos (owner) said...

The plug-in don't allow to import cloth from now but I can add this feature in future, I've another tool to do it.


Jake said...

Have a problem when load to 3ds max, only skeleton appear, no mesh..


Geordi Guo said...

Is there any where could download the massive2maya at all, I have searched online for days and it all links to here, but I have got no lucky to get a actual link for me to download massive2maya plugin.
could you reply by email: will be appreciated.

Domingos said...

Sorry for late answer, so mass2maya is renamed as Massive Importer Tool, you maya and 3ds max version

Csaba Novak said...

Well done, it's really great stuff.
I'm just testing the demo version with max, and the mesh appear smaller than the skeleton.
I set up the unit correctly, but still have a problem.

This is the link for an image how it looks like in 3ds max:

Could give some advice what could be wrong?

\\it works perfectly in maya.

Domingos said...

Hi. When you run sims from Massive did you set units to centimeter istead meters? Skeleton size look like 10 times big than geo. Try to set units as centimeter before run sims in Massive and reimport again :)

Csaba Novak said...

thank for the info.
I couldn't find the place in massive where i can change the unit to centimeter.
Where is it?

thanks indeed

Domingos said...

On the top menu bar go to options->units :)

Anonymous said...


I have a problem.

I i want to import my massive files to 3dsmax with calsheet its crash.

i can only import with calsheet if i import a sim fbx file first.

The problem is that the complet mesh looks strange.

greetings five

Anonymous said...

here is the problem


Domingos said...

sorry about late answer, I'm not receiving notification. That about weight, before you import Massive OBJ/FBX into Massive make sure the weight is normalized and post. You may not run sim for defaults agents (ctrl+d run sims) which could not be found when you load callsheet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Domingos,
maya crashes as I click on import crwd. It loads one or two agents and then crashes... Have you got any idea of the problem? thank you very much and nice job

Domingos Silva said...

Default sims pass, sims of default agents only, and weights files of non null geos nodes and unparented areb required. No crushes problem with new version 1.8.0 but still required weights and default sims pass to load default agent into Maya. After saving weights for each geo also required to save the agent.

Shaun Quah said...
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Anonymous said...

For some reason when I use the update animation button, the default agent is updated but not all the instances. Any idea what this could be?


MaGazona said...

i am in bad need for your help Mr.Domingos, here is my problem, 3ds max just crashes as soon as i choose the via the importer tool within 3ds max 2012, i have checked the units setup and changed it just as you mentioned on the blog, i made sure that the .mas file is in the same directory with weights folder, i created all weights to the geometries in my agent and i left the null ones as u mentioned i also double checked the geos are not attached to any segment, i have made the sim for my default agent as fbx in the sim folder i created in the same directory where the .mas file exists, i made the sim for my other agents in massive and created a, but still 3ds max crashes immediately, i am testing this on the mayhem agent, i am really desperate and i cant find any help. waiting for your reply. thank you so much.

MaGazona said...
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